Changing the way Martial Arts is Viewed Coached and Experienced to Prepare you for Full Contact Living!!

Crazy Monkey Striking

Crazy monkey defense is one of the finest boxing based martial art programs in the world. We will teach you the skills, techniques and mindset strategies that will make you a great martial artist and give you the confidence you seek in your ability to defend yourself.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is driven by the original purpose of Jiu Jitsu; namely in self preservation and complete understanding on how to effectively defend yourself when on the ground for a smaller, weaker person and for the main purpose of personal safety.

Monkey Fit

Monkey-Fit is not a “boxing for fitness” class with a personal trainer, you will learn proper form and technique, body awareness and mental strategies for your training and life.

Self Defense

The Weaponize-Your-Body program offers a proven approach to teaching self-protection coaching. We equip our clients with a deep understanding of threat physiology and psychology as well as the physical skills needed to survive.

We coach you to use your embodied intelligence so that you can survive hostile mind-sets, and are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges. Preparing you for Full Contact Living on and off the mat.