Want to train like a crazy monkey for self defense and fitness but not ready for the contact that you think comes along with it? So you want to get fit not hit first, got it. Monkey-Fit has you covered. We are a challenge based studio with a safe and comfortable environment. Our coaches are socially conscious and strive to help you become a stronger, more confident you. Clients partake in whole body, partnered and solo fitness based movements as well as CM boxing pad work and drills. Monkey-Fit is about enjoying movement and reconnecting with your body first and foremost, it will also help you reach beyond what you thought possible of yourself.

Monkey-Fit is not a “boxing for fitness” class with a personal trainer, you will learn proper form and technique, body awareness and mental strategies for your training and life. We do utilize the MyZone heart rate system to motivate, ensure caloric expenditure and track progress. So if you’re looking to build confidence, learn martial skills, get healthy and challenge yourself, all the while having a great time kicking your “Monkey” butt.