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Crazy Monkey defense is one of the finest boxing based martial art programs in the world. We will teach you the skills, techniques and mindset strategies that will make you a great martial  artist and give you the confidence you seek in your ability to defend yourself. What makes CM training different is the way that we teach you the skills.

The focus in our boxing classes is body mechanics, structure, techniques and understanding the whole body movement as they apply to the boxing game. We want you to really understand the foundation is that your game will be built on. The aim of CM, both in terms of technique and approach, is to give everyone the tools they need to feel completely safe, no matter the pressure. CM Will have you feeling completely in control of your training, which is revolutionary when it comes to learning the art of boxing. While most gyms will have you focusing on offense first, we take a balanced approach. Teaching you to ride the storm and develop confidence with your defense so you can use your offense intelligently. With safety comes confidence, with confidence comes the ability to develop functional, applicable skills.

  • Learning which techniques work best and at what range.
  • How to develop a big picture view of the fight. This is important to be able to perform in all areas from stand up, to the clinch or on the ground.
  • Development of key embodied areas, unleashing the natural intelligence of your body, so you can deliver formidable technique, backed by power, speed and timing.

A key element of training with us is a focus on what your body is designed to do in a fight. Many martial arts teach what their style will do in a controlled scenario, even those very same move patterns are not designed for survival. Simply put, we teach you how to work with evolution not against it.

But wait there’s more:

  • Rediscover your body’s natural intelligence
  • Get in shape, fit and strong
  • Develop focus, confidence, persistence, creativity & passion with an embodied process
  • Have fun and learn to rise to the challenge
  • Reintegrate your body, mind and spirit
  • Learn to manage your stress more effectively through mindful movement practices

*Sparring is not mandatory and is by invitation only.

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